Years of experience

Starting from our own production background with the foundation of the company Alva in Belgium:


Establishment of the family company ALVA by his owner, Mr. Albert Vandaele, specializing in stainless steel and aluminium cookware. The construction of the first production site.


The start of a tooling shop for the manufacturing of stainless steel pots & pans.


A huge fire destroys the offices and the factory. The decision is made not to replace the aluminum and coating machines.


The installation of the first automatic slamming machine to slam sandwich bases.


A new production hall is constructed. From that time on Alva produces +/- 10000 pots, 3000 kettles & 7000 lids per day.


The start of Allinox. A commercial organization for Alva is set up. Core business: OEM, private label.


A third slamming machine and fourth automatic polish line is installed.


Alva starts the production of water cookers.


Big investments are put in research, development and design.


Alva and Alliance come together in Xinxing to form AXA - ALVA, XINXING, ALLIANCE.


In 2000 the Belgian cookware manufacturer Allinox bought the Beka brand. (Except for the Netherlands where Beka Cookware cannot be sold or delivered)

With headquarters moved to Oostrozebeke, Belgium, a distribution centre in France and a growing number of sales offices, Beka consolidated its position on the European market.


License agreement was signed between Allinox and Brabantia making Allinox the exclusive worldwide partner for Brabantia Cookware


To offer an even better service to all our worldwide clients the complete handling was concentrated in a fully renewed and automated distribution centre in Oostrozebeke, Belgium.


1500 Square metres of solar panels were installed on the new warehouse providing sustainable energy for the Allinox headquarters.